Chakra Balancing

Many people talk about opening and balancing the chakras; although related, the two terms are not the same thing. Healing the chakras and restoring them to their natural vitality and function involves two things: opening some and closing others (to some degree) in order to balance them. If you have any physical, emotional, mental or spiritual problems, it’s because some chakras are overactive and others underactive. There’s either too much flow, or too little and neither scenario is beneficial.

For example, if your heart chakra is too open, you might find yourself becoming one of those “bleeding heart” do-gooders that end up draining their own energy in order to help others and open themselves up to “energy vampires” like exceptionally needy people or drama queens who further deplete them. A person who has a balanced heart chakra will find that they are compassionate and loving, but they do not become people-pleasers and they are able to distance themselves from the energy vampires.

So, counter-intuitive as it may sound, you may find that reducing the flow of energy through a chakra or two may provide you with better results than simply “opening the floodgates” on all of them. Imagine traffic flow in the city: if all the lights were green all the time, all intersections (chakras) would be a dangerous mess. Red lights are necessary to help control the flow of traffic, and the same idea applies to the chakras.

Not too much, not too little and not too slow, not too fast; that is what balance is all about. As you can see in your life, when everything is balanced, life flows very nicely. But if it’s unbalanced, problems arise. For example, you might be obsessed about an important goal, but in the meantime you are neglecting your spouse and your health. That neglect stems from an overabundance of energy flowing through some chakras and a resulting depletion of energy in other chakras.

Chakras are energy centers that vibrate at a certain frequency; they respond quickly to the correct resonance (vibration); whether you use sound, color (also a vibration), or intentions (your thoughts are vibrations too), you can use these to bring your chakras into balance. Of course that’s how they become unbalanced, too – persistent thoughts and emotions as well as environmental forces are all vibrations that can upset the body’s balance.

Quick tip: since colors and chakras have a vibration, think of your chakras in terms of a rainbow: too much blue will overwhelm the yellow, etc. – ultimately you want to create a balanced, beautiful rainbow where each color is equally represented.

Why is it important to achieve balance? If you read through the descriptions of the chakras below, you’ll see that each is equally necessary for your well-being. If you notice that you are hypoactive in an area, or hyperactive in another, it’s time for some balancing action found in Chakra Healing.

Root chakra:

  • Balanced: you are healthy, financially secure, stable in your home life, trusting and grounded.
  • Health implications of imbalance: you suffer from depleted adrenal glands due to financial or relationship stress and you are often ill and lack energy and vitality
  • Underactive: you have poor body awareness, and you are unfocused and disorganized
  • Overactive: you may be overly attached to material things and highly resistant to change

Sacral chakra:

  • Balanced: you are emotionally stable, passionate (about life and yes, sex), fun-loving, and you set and uphold clear personal boundaries.
  • Health implications of imbalance: you may suffer from reproductive problems, diabetes, and liver and kidney disease
  • Underactive: you don’t enjoy sex, you are overly emotional or emotionally closed off and don’t get enjoyment out of life.
  • Overactive: you are extremely emotional and moody, obsessive, overly attached and easily addicted.

Solar plexus chakra:

  • Balanced: you have a lot of personal power and this makes life fun – you’re playful, confident, go-getter, friendly and responsible.
  • Health implications of imbalance: stomach and digestive problems, allergies, lower back issues, and your overall health suffers because the solar plexus chakra controls the parasympathetic nervous system
  • Underactive: you are insecure and passive
  • Overactive: you are overly aggressive and arrogant; and, you are judgmental, critical and stubborn.

Heart chakra:

  • Balanced: you easily give and receive love. You’re kind, centered,  selfless, understanding and happy (content).
  • Health implications of imbalance: you suffer from heart problems, lung problems, asthma, allergies and upper back tension
  • Underactive: you are withdrawn, dependent,  judgmental, intolerant, fearful, critical, envious and lonely
  • Overactive: your love is conditional and you’re a people-pleasing martyr

Throat chakra:

  • Balanced: your creativity is abundant. You speak your truth and communicate well.
  • Health implications of imbalance: chronic throat problems like laryngitis, thyroid problems, ear infections, neck and shoulder pain and headaches
  • Underactive: shy, speak in a quiet monotone, have difficulty expressing yourself, and you’re secretive.
  • Overactive: poor listener, gossipy, excessively loud, untrustworthy.

Third eye chakra:

  • Balanced: you are observant, purposeful, intuitive, insightful, excellent dream recall, and you trust yourself
  • Health implications of imbalance: headaches, neurological disorders, learning disabilities, brain tumor, stroke
  • Underactive: poor memory, lack imagination, skeptical, poor vision and lack direction and purpose.
  • Overactive: can’t focus, have nightmares, sometimes hallucinate and live in a fantasy world.

Crown chakra:

  • Balanced: open to new ideas, understanding, spiritual, connected to ALL
  • Health implications of imbalance: central nervous system problems, cognitive issues, depression, migraines
  • Underactive: spiritually closed-minded, skeptical, indifferent to spiritual knowledge, frustrated.
  • Overactive: spiritually confused, frustrated, feel disconnected from body, overly analytical when it comes to spiritual matters.

As you can see, balance is important and it may be necessary to “pinch” a chakra closed here and there to better modulate the flow of energy – just like red lights are necessary to slow down the flow of traffic (imagine the utter chaos if all of the lights were green!). A balanced system is a happy system!

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