How to be Positive

People often wonder how to be positive about themselves and their lives. A lot of things seem to be conspiring against positivity and it can seem almost like faking it to try… so how does one go about being positive? It’s important to self-assess so you can accept the negativity that may be living within you. Your outside environment is not what makes you positive or negative. Positivity is a state of mind, an attitude, a way of living your life. You are either a predominantly positive person or you are a predominantly negative person. Certainly there will be days where you may feel sad and blue, but that does not mean you are not still a positive thinker. On the other hand, just because you have days where you feel more positive does not mean that you are not a habitual negative thinker.

Choosing to keep a positive attitude will inevitably create a positive life experience. Here are some steps for increasing your ‘baseline’ of positivity.

Steps to Being Positive

Reposition your thoughts: When situations happen that threaten to drive you into sadness, frustration, self-pity, etc. reposition your thoughts onto something unrelated to pull your mind away from those negative feelings. For example: Say you got water on your laptop and it needs to be taken in for repairs. Awful, yes. Apocalyptic, no. Source of frustration and anxiety, yes – if you let it. Instead of spending all the energy thinking about your ruined computer, refocus your thoughts on to something completely non electronic like your plans for organizing your closet or  repainting your coffee table. It doesn’t matter what – anything will do, to snap you out of that downward spiral.

Find the lessons to be learned and the benefits in every situation. There is always a lesson to be learned, even if you do not see it right away. Sometimes our lessons learned can cost us a bit, but it is important to recognize the lesson, accept it and commit it to memory so that the next time another situation arises where a decision must be made we will have equipped ourselves with the knowledge and ability to choose differently and more wisely. In the laptop example, what can you do during the “down time” during your forced computerless existence? Is there something that needed to be attended to that you’ve been neglecting? Tend to it now…

Be mindful of both your positive and negative thoughts and follow each with a positive action. Positive and negative thoughts alike must have a follow up action. When you have positive thoughts, it is important to act on them because they will have positive outcomes. Following negative thoughts with positive actions will expel those thoughts from your mind and allow you to move forward constructively. For example: if you are stressed about money, do something to help others: volunteer in your community, plant a garden, cook a nice meal for someone, plan a get together for your neighbors and family.

Adopt an attitude full of gratitude. Anger and gratitude cannot exist together in your mind at the same time. When you feel the pull of negativity weighing on you think of the things and people in your life that you are most proud and most happy to have. Count your blessings and realize all that there is to be grateful for.

Keep up with positive affirmations and visualizations. When negativity seems to be taking over, condition your subconscious to start seeing yourself in a positive light again. Daily self-affirmations such as “I can,” “I am able,” “I have the talent,” “I am good,” “I am strong,” etc. will serve to put your mind on a positive path and pull you from falling into low self-esteem. Keep a list ready in your mind to use at a moment’s notice. Visualize yourself as the confident and positive person you can and want to be. We are our own worst critics, so it’s important to provide ourselves with a little mental TLC.

Have a readily available stock of positive memories. As we go through our lives we fill entire sections of our minds with all kinds of memories. Try picking a few handfuls of your best and most favorite memories. Remember times that you felt the best about yourself, the most appreciative, the most stable, the happiest. Whenever your mindset darkens towards negativity, pick out a memory and dwell on it. Take in your memories of yourself from this moment and focus on how it is making you feel now.

Change your mindset. Positivity is a state of mind. You have the power and capacity to choose it. Start small. Think about criticisms you make towards someone. Maybe they are a coworker or someone in your fitness class. Each time you see this person practice eliminating one of the criticisms you think about them from your mind. Do this until all of your negative thoughts and criticisms about them are gone, then move on to another person and do the same for them. When you are ready, turn this exercise inward and erase the criticisms you harbor towards yourself. Chip away at it little by little until there is only positivity and light.

Far too often we base our thoughts and feelings on what is happening around us rather than on what is happening within us. Say you wanted a promotion at work, but it went to someone else. Sure you’ll feel disappointment, some sadness, maybe even anger. These are all natural responses, but it is important that you do not allow your responses to make themselves at home in your mind. There will be difficult challenges in your life and the true test of your character will be shown in how you are able to deal with the upsets and move on with positivity in tow.

Remember that your emotions and thoughts powerfully affect your chakras. Choose positive emotions and thoughts, and your chakras will remain in harmony and balance.

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