Open Your Chakras to Receive Love

It’s been said that in order to receive something, you must first give it. That’s true! You attract not only what you radiate, but what you ARE. There is no more wonderful feeling than to be in love, and you can open yourself up to a lasting, happy, fulfilling relationship by opening your chakras.

In this case, since we are trying to attract love in this life, in this experience, we will work downward and clear four chakras that are essential for radiating and attracting love.

If you are already in a relationship and feel like it’s fizzling out and that love is leaving your life, you will also benefit from clearing the “love chakras”!

Let’s begin with the Heart Chakra. The color associated with this chakra is green. If your heart chakra is blocked, you may have difficulty giving or receiving love. This happens often if you are still emotionally tied to a past relationship, or if love was not free-flowing when you were a child. The clearing of this chakra involves releasing the cords that tie you to that past relationship and bringing you into the present.

A very effective way to clear the Heart Chakra is through a forgiveness meditation:

“I step into the Light of the Divine and I open my heart to Love. I know forgiveness makes this possible. I now forgive and release all pain, known and unknown, from all levels of my being, through all times and through all dimensions of space for the highest good of all.”

Next, we move on to the Solar Plexus chakra. The Solar Plexus vibrates a gorgeous yellow. This is is the desire-manifesting chakra that empowers you with a “Go for it!” mindset. If you procrastinate or avoid taking advantage of opportunities, you’ll miss out. To walk up to that hottie at the party, or to give a welcoming smile to someone, you can’t be held back by low self-esteem. Confidence is sexy, and opening your Solar Plexus chakra will help get you noticed.. and will let that special someone know you’re interested.

To open the Solar Plexus chakra, adopt a power stance. If you’re familiar with Leonardo DaVinci’s Vitruvian Man, it’s where you stand with your arms and legs spread, chest out, chin up, OPEN to everything. This stance has been shown to actually change your physiology and improve your mood. You can use this anytime you feel uncertain or afraid, and first thing in the morning to start the day off with confidence and personal power! While in this stance, affirm, “I love myself.”

The Sacral Chakra needs to be open for you to receive love, too. This is the center of emotions and sexuality, and the emotional baggage you store here MUST be cleared out. Low self-worth and beliefs that nobody wants you are lodged here. No good!

To open the Sacral Chakra, surround yourself with beauty. Slow down, and really appreciate the beauty of the world around you – even in the most unlikely places. Learn to see beauty, goodness and worthiness all around you. You’ll naturally start to pick up on that vibe. Wear the color orange, too and learn to ride out waves of emotion instead of getting stuck in a downward spiral of self-defeating emotions. Affirm self-love as you appreciate the beauty around you. This will help impart love and appreciation as part of your vibration.

Finally, we clear out the Root Chakra. This vibrantly red chakra symbolizes the most basic instincts. It’s where your self-worth is lodged. If you feel you don’t deserve love, this has to be cleared. After all, we are all entitled, each and every one of us, to life, shelter, food, love and happiness! An open root chakra allows you to enjoy your life experience – and this too is radiantly attractive!

To clear this chakra, spend as much time as you can outdoors, on natural terrain (not pavement), and if possible, barefoot.

Participating in any sport or physical activity will also clear the root chakra, since it’s the chakra associated with physical movement

Here’s a wonderful rooting exercise:

Stand barefoot – again, if possible, outside on bare earth (if it’s cold, do this with shoes on) with your feet shoulder-width apart and very slightly bend your knees. Evenly distribute your weight over the soles of your feet. Ever so gently, move your weight forward and back, feeling the different contact points on your feet. Come to a centered position, allow yourself to feel yourself grounding or becoming part of the earth, and remain “rooted” there for several minutes.

Keep working on these clearing exercises to maintain open “love chakras” and you’ll not only attract love, but the good things in life too!

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