The Benefits Of Using Crystals In Yoga

The Purpose of Yoga

When practicing yoga, a lot of people forget that it is so much more than physical exercise. It has a higher purpose- yoga purifies the body and aims to attain a state physical, mental, and spiritual peace.

The word yoga means “union”. It is a union of the individual consciousness with the universal spirit. It is a process of reversing the flow of energy outward and cleansing the soul leaving you free to connect with truth.

Sometimes it can be really hard to focus on clearing your mind and becoming one with the energy of the universe…

The Purpose of Crystals

Crystals can help you connect to your practice. They speak to us in different ways and it’s probably because we need something from them. From there we just need to know what kind of metaphysical properties each type of crystal has and how they can help us.

Place them in front of your mat, or depending on how many you are using, in front, back, and on either side. If you do use multiple crystals, try to make the circle around your mat as symmetrical as possible. Energies respond better to circles and symmetry. Make sure to give yourself plenty of room when setting up so you don’t hurt yourself during practice. As beneficial as crystals can be, they aren’t fun to step on.

If you can find crystals that correspond with all seven chakras, your experience will be as fulfilling and healing as possible.

The most easily attainable stones that correspond to the chakras goes as follows:

1st chakra– The Base- garnet, and obsidian

2nd chakra– The Sacral- blue/green turquoise

3rd chakra– The Solar Plexus- yellow jasper or golden calcite

4th chakra– The Heart- rose quartz or jade

5th chakra– The Throat- blue turquoise

6th chakra– The Third Eye- lapis lazuli or selenite

7th chakra– The Crown- amethyst

While there are multiple crystals that will assist you in opening your chakras, they do not all do the same thing.

For example, both rose quartz and jade can be used in the opening of the 4th chakra but where rose quartz dissolves emotional wounds and fears and opens the heart, jade is an emotional balancer that removes negative thoughts and energies and brings balance and peace.

 Go for it, but Take it Slow

If you are trying to decide on one crystal to use for general yoga purposes, I would advise using selenite because it enhances the clarity of the mind. It sooths the nerves and makes you more aware of your surrounding in a warm fuzzy way.

However, everyone has a crystal that they connect to the best, and mine is amethyst. This crystal opens the mind, spreads calm, and removes negativity.

If crystals weren’t useful enough, a crystal’s properties can be enhanced or even gain properties based on the shape of them. This crystal glossary explains what additional properties there are to gain from specific clusters and forms.

If you are new to crystals, proceed gently. They have a very powerful effect and as amazing an instrument that they can be in your life, it can feel overwhelming at first to have floods of emotion. Prepare for an experience like no other and welcome to the world of crystals and yoga!




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